Car Seat Classes

Need a car seat?

For families who cannot afford to purchase an appropriate seat for their child, Mercy/Safe Kids has a program to help.

To receive one free car seat, parents or care-givers may register to attend a two-hour class and make an appointment at a car seat fitting station where you will receive an appropriate seat for your child. Parent/care-giver must show proof of need with a WIC, Healthy Families, Medi-Cal or EBT card when you arrive at the two-hour class.

Car seat will be given at the second appointment and will be scheduled at the time of the class.

Children should not attend the class but must attend the fitting station. Expectant parents do not need to have a child present.

Please call to sign up for a class:

English: 916.864.5779
Hmong: 916.864.5541
Spanish: 916.904.3799
Russian: 916.864.5566

Class sign-ups are not available through this website.  Please call to register.  Thank  you for your understanding.

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